5 Best Male Masturbators 2024

Apr 29, 2024


Looking for the best masturbator? No matter you're new to the world of adult toys and looking for something to get begin with, or you just in search for some kinda new experiences, here is our list of the best masturbators of the year!

1 . LELO F1S V3

LELO F1S V3 | $249.00

LELO dropped the first F1S a few years back, dubbing it the "Development kit," more like a trial run if you ask me. Then came the second version a couple of years ago, and boy, did it step up its game big time.

My gripe with the old LELO F1S V2 was its puny size and lack of choices. But guess what? They've sorted that out now, offering it in an XL version. I just gotta say, testing out the LELO F1S V3 in XL was a blast! It's seriously a mind-blowing masturbator!

But let me tell ya, I can't hype it up enough, especially that A.I. mode in the app. It got this feedback sensor in the device, tweaking the stimulation on the fly.

If you're all about mind-blowing blowjobs whenever the mood strikes, this is the real deal, my friend.



Alright, check it out, we're talking about the Fleshlight, and when you team it up with the Quickshot Launch, you're looking at one heck of a powerhouse blowjob setup.

Now, if you're already deep in the Fleshlight game or you're looking to dive in headfirst, this thing is straight-up ideal for you.

Now, I know at first glance, this setup might seem a bit big compared to some of the other toys on the list, but trust me, it's a breeze to handle. Just slide that thing into the Quickshot Launch, lube it up, and you're good to go, dude.


AUTOBLOW A.I. | $299.95

Alright, so check it out, the Autoblow A.I. is straight-up holding it down as the numero uno on the list of the best automatic blowjob machines. Why? Cause it serves up top-notch blowjobs without breaking the bank, my friend.

Now, I ain't saying it's the cheapest thing out there, but lemme tell ya, you're getting a bang for your buck with the Autoblow A.I. Like, it's giving you some serious blowjob action for the price, ya feel me?

This bad boy, the Autoblow A.I., it's the third version from the Autoblow crew, and let me tell you, they've got seriously upgraded. Got this motor that's like, way more powerful than the first two versions. And get this— it's quieter than the other stuff on the market. Can you believe it?

You got like, a buffet of 10 different blowjob experiences to choose from, all set up and ready to rock. And if you're feeling extra fancy, you can cop yourself a VR headset for your phone, taking that blowjob experience to a whole another level of realness.


LOVENSE MAX 2 | $104.00

Alright, so peep this: the Lovense Max 2 ain't exactly your traditional blowjob machine, nah, it's more like an all-around male masturbator vibe. But let me tell ya, the sensation and vibes it serves up? Feels way more like you're getting some top-notch head rather than your standard penetration action.

Now, here's the kicker with the Lovense Max 2—it's all about that app control, my friend. Like, you can tweak this bad boy not just from your phone hooked up via Bluetooth, even when you're miles apart through the internet.

But lemme set the record straight here, you ain't scoring the most powerful blowjob machine with this thing. Sure, there are toys out there that might give you a bit more power. But Lovense is definitely a cheaper deal on a blowjob toy loaded with a bunch of dope fancy features.


ALIVE ONE | $157.00

Alright, let's talk about our last candidate - the Alive One.

Now, when it comes to getting your mind blown, this bad boy brings the heat literally. You're in for a ride that's not just powerful but also feels way more lifelike.

Now, let's talk power, my friend. With Alive One, you ain't ever gonna run out of juice, because it's plugged right into the power grid. No more worrying about batteries crapping out on you mid-session.

Sure, it's on the larger side and you gotta have a power outlet handy, but let me tell ya, those are small prices to pay for the kind of mind-blowing performance this baby delivers.