Automatic Male Stroker - Sucking

Automatic Male Stroker - Sucking

Automatic Male Strobe Orgasms For Your Penis

A recent innovation in hand to mouth sex toys for men is the automatic male stroker. A new electronic devise, this amazing sex toy is designed to stimulate your penis by pumping it full of pleasure. How does it work? It's not all that complicated. The man and woman each receives a pre-programmed stimulator designed especially to simulate different sexual stimulation sensations.


Fresh from the plastic manufacturing plant, the automatic male stroker blow up blow-up sex toy. This discreet little gadget replicates the gentle flow motion during intercourse similar to the noise made when a real vagina vibrates. Using the discreetly-sized vibrator, you can pump up your manhood to the point of over excitement, while you get the same sensation as a soft penis would give. The gentle vibrations provide a sensual feeling that many guys find very pleasurable. Vibration amplifies the pleasure sensation because it targets the sensitive penis shaft and allows for maximum sensation and pleasure.


Made of soft comfortable, breathable, ultra-soft silicone, these vibrators feel great. The suction cup allows the suction to stay attached to the body of the shaft. Because of the suction cup, this gentle sex toy feels better than other products with a similar design. The suction cup also means there is no sticky mess when the automatic male stroker is used to masturbate. This makes the toy even more attractive to guys.


Like other sex toys of similar styles and functions, the automatic male stroker has many different speeds and vibrations. Some are manual, so you can control the speed of the stroking motions. There are some which have random rhythms and patterns, so you can choose exactly what kind of experience you want. This makes it extremely fun to experiment with, as you can try out different motions and see how they feel. You can choose from various soft and hard flesh tones, as well as waves or rotating sensations. It's realistic oral sex, with maximum sensitivity and pleasure!

CUSES: The automatic male stroker comes in a variety of styles and shapes. These include things like curved shafts, which are perfect for g-spot stimulation. You can also get other things, such as the "tongue" or "jelly" types of oral sex toys. Each model has different options which make them great for specific purposes.


This is important because it makes a difference in how deep your man's shaft will be able to go. If the toy is too small, it won't feel very good when stroking him. It will feel more like an oral sex toy than something to use to give him a full blown orgasm. If the toy is too big, it will feel unrealistic and will not provide for sufficient stimulation to result in a mind blowing orgasm.


All of the better toys are made from all natural materials, but the Roxy Jezebel is one of the few which are water-based. This makes them safe for use in the shower, and they will not dry out or warp. If you are looking for something that feels good to the touch and has a realistic look and feel, the Roxy Jezebel is a great option.

ABSORPTIOUS: One of the best parts of these toys is that they are completely safe to use, and they are easy to clean. Unlike many other products out there, the Roxy Jezebel feels like it was made entirely out of water. This means that it will not slide down your pants, and you will not have to worry about it being on your skin when you take it out in a shower or bath. It also feels like it was made of something that would really go good inside of a male masturbator.