Electric Male Masturbator: Clean Easy

Electric Male Masturbator: Clean Easy

Electric Male Masturbator

 Male masturbators are an excellent way to spice up your sexual life. They provide various options for solo pleasure or couples' play. They come in all shapes and sizes.

 Masturbators can be divided into two categories. Sleeves and strokers. Sleeves are longer shafts that envelop the penis for solo use. Strokers are short and open-ended, perfect for couples.

Electric Alive Masturbator

 Electric Alive Masturbator electric male masturbator provides an exciting sensation. It has ten contracting rings that move in an up-down motion. The rings are designed to simulate intimate contact.

Electric toys can also be connected to other devices through an app. This enables users to play together from any location.

 The app is available for iOS and Android users. It connects the Alive Masturbator to erotic websites and VR sex videos.


 Two motors in Masturbator's latest pocket pussy boost electronic vibrations. This innovative device offers low, high, random, alternating, and pulse vibration patterns.

 The motors send deep vibrations into your penis for intense stimulation. To activate these sensations, press a button on top of the toy.

 The EV features pressure pads that create vacuum suction to enhance pleasure. It lives open for easier lubrication and cleaning and has a handy charging dock/drying stand combo. Remember: EV is porous and will deteriorate if exposed to dirt too often. Be sure to regularly wipe down your toy. Store it securely in its case for optimal longevity.

 The alive masturbator is an electric male masturbator. It is designed to deliver the ultimate stimulation level. Its patented Pleasure Air technology targets your penis' Pacinian pleasure centers. This makes it suitable for solo and partner play.

 This toy offers eight intensities, from a low purr to an audible roar. Smart Silence, a skin-contact-activated auto-on/off mode, is also included.

 This penis size-specific tank top is constructed with body-safe silicone. It bends to fit most peni sizes. The inner ribbed section adds to the sensation. Its twist-to-open design makes for easy cleaning and drying.

 Alive male masturbator, from alive masturbator is a male masturbator. It is a bit sleeker and easier to handle than its other sex toys. This smart device can be used for a partner or solo play. It features ridges that hold lube for an enhanced stroking sensation.

This penis massager also features a forked prong. Ideal for quick clit massages.

 This device is rechargeable via a magnetic charger. It includes a convenient red USB cable. It offers six different speed and vibration patterns. It also has a travel lock function for added security.

 masturbator device

 Masturbator devices are small, toy-shaped masturbators that are used to accomodate a masturbator. They offer an exciting and pleasurable experience. Masturbator devices are great for solo or partner play with multiple textures and intensities. They make great solo or partner play material.

 The masturbator device features a super-stretchable elastomer sleeve. It fits penises of all sizes and thicknesses. This unique texture design reflects internal details. They come in various packs to accommodate your lifestyle needs.

 The sleeve can be lubricated and made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). TPE is free from latex and phthalates. Phthalates are a plastic softening chemical linked to health concerns in the EU.

 They're easy to clean and come in various textures for various stimulations. Even the 'Hard Boiled' line utilizes harder gel for stronger sensations.