Real Stroker Masturbator For Men


Real Stroker Masturbator For Men

The very first masturbator that I ever owned was an old Gemini model, and I can tell you that it was the worst stroker that money could buy. It consisted of two plastic cylinders that snapped together and when you pressed the "squeeze" button it would eject a small plastic sphere into one of your hands. I don't know why the company thought this was a good idea, because it was the absolute worst masturbator ever!

Stroker masturbator

After my Gemini was used for about three years, I finally decided to get a new one. It was about time, because a brand-new masturbator should be as powerful and pleasurable as the last one I had used. And since the Gemini model is one of the most waterproof and durable on the market, I knew that the only way to go was to get an Apollo power stroke. What I found is that this masturbator really live up to the name - it is extremely powerful, extremely smooth, and extremely safe to use even by adult users.

The good thing about owning an Apollo waterproof masturbator is that all the parts are covered with a large vinyl sticker that protects them from all kinds of harmful liquids. Because this masturbator is not an "electric" device, you don't need to worry about electrocution. Oh, and the "electrocution" issue is completely addressed because this masturbator has a very tiny plug that covers the end of the cord. That's it.

Top stroker masturbator

The controls on the stroker are located on the top and side of the unit. Because this masturbator vibrates through the use of suction cups, you will need to apply pressure onto the base of the suction cup to cause the penis to erect and result in a full erection. The result is an incredibly strong orgasm. (Just imagine how good it would feel to just let go and have complete control over your penis.) But you do not need to worry about this, because the only time this might actually happen is when the "bullet" pops out while still inside the plastic cylinder.

The other good thing about owning an Apollo power stroker is that you can use it in the shower. And not just any shower, but the kind where the door opens and closes. This is good for several reasons. First of all, it allows you to get to the root of your problem and fix it. Secondly, it also gives your partner the opportunity to experience a powerful vibrating masturbation by having the pleasure of seeing you pleasure yourself.

stroker masturbator available

But there is one problem with the Apollo "power stroker" design and that is that it can only be used with the supplied plastic sleeve. So what do you do then? There are other very powerful masturbators available, that you don't even need a hand-held vacuum cleaner for! And they are a lot easier to use. There is the Teapot Masturbator which works by having suction cups on the base, which then fit the whole circle inside the suction cup. You then use the suction cup to move the Teapot around and work it into the crevices of your anus.

Then there is the Aquablue Softie, which has a similar "suction cup" design but also comes with a reusable sleeve. The Aquablue Softie is a lot like the Teapot Masturbator in that the "sleeve" fits inside the "base", but the Teapot comes with a waterproof sleeve which means that it is completely safe to wash. Plus the Teapot also allows for easy mobility and portability - you can take it along with you anywhere. However, the Aquablue Softie has a very different design than the Apollo power stroker masturbator, and this is what we're interested in here.

What's so good about the Aquablue Softie over the other masturbators? Well, the main advantage of the soft is that it is very easy to maintain. All you have to do is rinse off the sleeve after each use and you have a clean and hygienic set of hands once more. The "aerobed" design of the silicone also means that the sleeve can be washed in the washing machine without any loss of quality (and no discolouring). The only disadvantage of course is that the Aquablue Softie is not a very large penis, so if your penis is not very large it may not be suitable - especially if you are looking for a very strong masturbator, not something that you can just shove inside if you feel like it!